Video & Animation

Some people are readers, other people are viewers.

We produce Video Content, Still Photography, and Animation that has an impact. But behind all these different mediums is one driving force: An obsessive focus on creativity. Before we even get to the medium in which our clients want to display their work, lets talk concept! We provide creative direction, concept development, script writing, and storyboarding services to our clients. The way we see it, every idea is like a seed. That seed needs to be nurtured, watered, and maybe even moved around to a different part of the garden before it can really flourish. Ideas need concept development to make sure the execution (whether it is video content, still photography, or animation) translate into something unique.  Creative Direction/Concept Development- We don’t work within your organization. This is a good thing! Ever heard someone tell you not to edit your own work? This applies to creative production as well. Let’s face it- you are too close to your mission. You are emotionally involved. It’s kind of like helping an ex plan a wedding- things can get messy really quick. As creative professionals, we ingest your idea, let it swirl around our overactive imaginations, get excited, bounce ideas all over the place, and come up with concepts that illustrate a mission.

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