Ejazti Saudia


Ejazti Saudia, creative media events focus on using digital marketing to share a local tourism experience in Saudi Arabia. Bassmat has the organizer for all this event program for 3 editions.



Convince the local community in domestic tourism and what its components. Increase the culture of the population on the side of dealing with tourism as an industry.


Invite selection citizens to fight a local tourism trips experience. Using the digital media as a primary channels to share them experience and tell others about it on daily updating. Bassmat team worked beside that in a full digital media and influencers campaign.


We’ve achieved more than 60,000 of local tourism pictures in social media channels and more than 20,000 seconds of video. We changed a thinking of local tourism by rate 92%. We got more than 300 million of impressions through all digital channels and achieved more than 7 million engagements. The Return on Investment (ROI) we achieved is 486%.

0.09% CTR

47% less CPA

468% ROI

From The Client

“Ejazti Saudia, has become one of the important media event to be implemented by SCTH annually in light of the success of previous versions, as it offers a new concept, that depends mainly on the efforts of citizens to support the national tourism through their notation of their views and experiences of the tour, which are organized by "Ejazti Saudia" program.”

HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman President of SCTH

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