Dubai Shopping Festival


Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), the biggest shopping festival in the Middle East and one of the most attractive one in the world.



How to create new media concept can target Arabian Gulf families to visit Dubai during shopping festivals and let them know more about the different activities can be doing in Dubai.


We created a digital contest through, one of the travel portal in the area. The concept was invited families to visit Dubai, and each family have to build them trips activities and upload them photos and videos in daily to they can get voting from the website visitors. By this way, we can let the families work well in exploring Dubai and different activities and at the same time they share thousands of contents through the Internet by use a popular local website.


We've achieved more than 30 million of website visits in six weeks. The contest has got 5.5 million votes for the families. Families were taken more than 11 thousand of photos and more than 5000 seconds of videos. Most of the families they said that they came to Dubai before but never they know about everything they can do. We achieved a Return on Investment (ROI) of 443%.

29 Million posts

86% less CPA

443% ROI

From The Client

“We like the idea, we achieved more than what we expected in less budget."

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