Al Majed 4 Oud


Al Majed for Oud, one of the local leader perfume in Arabian Gulf. They have more than 60 stores. The company history has backed to more than 50 years of experience. Almajed for Oud on of the most local brands the customers like it.

Return on Investment of 272%


Wanted to build an engaged online community, but first they wanted to ensure their unique brand story would translate across channels and be relevant to their growing Saudis audience.


Brand exploration workshops delivered tailored content pillars, the tone of voice and creative guidelines. Monthly content plans, launch campaign and exciting ALMajed Moments content campaign with Saudi celebrities, have led to an engaged and visually beautiful account that reflects the quality of the ALMajed product. Instagram has been harnessed to capture the perfume photography trend, with user generated content used to drive competitions and engagement.


In year one, we have grown the page from 30 K to 130.5K followers with an above average account engagement rate of 1.40%. Twitter advertising campaigns have produced an average cost per acquisition of less than $0.50 and a cost per post engagement average of $0.70 – both well below the industry Socialbakers average.

1.40% CTR

0.50$ less CPA

254% ROI

From The Client

“These guys have built such a strong relationship with our customers community. They know how to make up your stand to be in the top. They know well what have to do"

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