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About the project

Taqyees was firstly initiated back in 2020 by the Saudi Standards following the National Transformation program 2020 workshops. Taqyees is aimed to upgrade the services and operation of examination and filed verification by measuring the different devices used on ground to make sure that is meeting the mandatory metrological requirements following the international standards with an objective to make sure all Jewellery Shops, Gas Stations and Supermarkets are using the right metrologies and make sure that clients and customers are getting what they are paying for.


The main challenge was how to introduce the initiative to both B2B and B2C without having enough time to educate our target audience on how Taqyees works.


Create Awareness about the Program within the market
Increase engagements with he target audience
Induce metrologies users to ask for Taqyees services

Project scope of work

Digital Media Planing and Booking, creative campaigns, content creation, social media management, Video Production

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