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Souk Okaz 12


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project timeline

The Brief

Souk Okaz is a unique tourism destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered as one of the most important tourism tributary in the Kingdom. Souk Okaz was an authentic historical destination of the same name held in the same place in the ancient past. How to build souk okaz brand awareness and highlighting its historical background to increase visitors from all over the middle east

The challenge

How to engage Saudi citizens in the historical and cultural Souk Okaz?
How can the content in social media be creative and more engaging?

It’s basically a marketing plan that can be broken down into the various stages of event promotion, from pre-launch to live. These different strate- gies, or methods of promotion, include tools you’re already familiar with, like social media, event marketing and email newsletters.

Content is crucial for Souk Okaz marketing strategy. We know that publishing is only half the story cultivating an audience, promoting the right content and effective distribution in our complex media environment.

Locals from all over the Kingdom visiting Souk Okaz for its significance as a historical place and historical symbolism of the original source of Arabic culture.

The solution

Creating a campaign (BTL,ATL and social media) that are tailored specifi- cally to increase the brand awareness about souk Okaz event and its importance for emphasizing the cultural side of the society and on the other hand increase the attendance number and working on the content to drive engagement on the social media

The results

The social media campaign for Souk Okaz 12th edition achieved 75M reach with more than 800K Engagement and more than 7K Smart Reply generated.

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