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Riyadh International Book Fair

About the project

About the project

For the first time, the Riyadh International Book Fair is managed and organised by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission and under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. The main objective was to show how KSA is flourishing in various colours of culture to enrich the lifestyle of the individual and contribute to strengthen of the national identity, yet encourage the cultural dialog not only regionally but globally. More than 1000 publishers from 30 different countries have been participating at the exhibition which wasn’t only about books but also the Riyadh International Book Fair organised more than 100 event related to Culture, Music, Cooking, Books, and Kids activities.


The main challenge was how to showcase the Riyadh International Book Fair is different in all aspects to what used to be done in the previous years specially when it was done under the umbrella of Ministry of Culture for the first time.


•Encouraging cultural participation and promoting enthusiasm for reading in the Saudi lifestyle
•Enabling the book sector trade and facilitating commercial cooperation between specialised professionals
•Encouraging cultural exchange and building international awareness of Saudi Cultural content
•Providing creative work environment that encourage competencies
•Employing technology and support digital transformation

Project scope of work

Social Media Strategy, Digital Media Planing and Booking, creative campaigns, content creation, social media management, community management, designs and executions

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