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National aquaculture group (Naqua) is the largest worldwide aquaculture company in one single location. Naqua produces its star product “Red sea shrimp” that’s currently available as fresh and unbranded product on fish mongers within traditional fish markets and key top retailers’ fish section.

Naqua wants to contribute to the government efforts to combat corona virus through providing its unique shrimp product to the local consumer in a frozen, branded 2kg box, convenient to store and has a deeply discounted price compared to its imported competitors.

We Developed an integrated highly creative digital contents with proper advertising on different social media platforms to support rebranding.


Seafood consumption could have some drivers and barriers. Drivers of seafood are health, convenience and taste that can affected and changed due to some conditions, while the main barriers are availability, price and concerns about quality. Therefore, a digital marketing plan is needed to support the identity of Naqua.


Influencer endorsement to the move with testimonial on product by professional chefs was the innovative step to support Naqwa, using the right influencers on social media platforms to inspire the right audience who are interested in food and cooking will achieve the goal of contributing the rebranding goal of Naqwa. Also creating videos for shrimp recipes using different cooking methods will encourage people to excitingly try it and could be new about to them.


Naqua now has a premium quality food brand known along people and professional chefs, their resonance of healthiness and convenience are well established. Rebranding on social media led to an incremental increase in sales, it also gave a modern image to the brand and inspired the right audience who are young educated Saudi social females who cares a lot about the quality of nutrition for their family members and has the passion to show mastery of seafood cooking.

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