“Flowics” Social Marketing Platform

Unlock the power of user generated content; Flowics provides the tools you need to discover, analyze and capitalize on the best user generated content to create experiences your customers will love. Bassmat is the exclusive Flowics representative in MENA

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Flowics is a social intelligence company that integrates social content into new experiences for consumers and delivers greater value and control for brands.Flowics provides the ability to aggregate, curate, integrate and measure social content and data in real-time allowing companies of all sizes to extend and derive new value from their social marketing and communication efforts. Dedicated to bringing clarity to every aspect of social business, Flowics clients include leading global brands, sports teams, TV networks and advertising agencies.

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Powered by Social Intelligence

Create more marketing moments that persuade audiences and drive results. Uncover the entire story with real-time search. Gain meaningful intelligence with contextual information. And take immediate action with dynamic displays that extend reach, activate audiences, drive revenue and promote loyalty.


Discover the most relevant social content and trends for your company in real time.


Understand insights about audience behaviors, interests and relevant context important to you.


Take action from social by creating marketing experiences across every channel.